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George W. Bush's art takes a turn toward the dark side

George W Bush and Bush Sr.
George W Bush and Bush Sr.
Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

In her Sunday, February 18, 2014, New York Times op-ed entitled "History: Get Me Rewrite!" Maureen Dowd let slip that George W. Bush's art has now become as dark as his presidency.

Near the middle of the an op-ed, which first blasts Lyndon Johnson and then goes on to blast George W. Bush, you'll find a short blurb in which Dowd reveals that in a conversation at Nelson Mandela's memorial service in December, George W. Bush revealed that he was now painting skulls.

He said that since his heart surgery, he was spending a lot of time painting skulls. Animal skulls, Laura quickly interjected.

During his post-presidency pursuits as a painter, Bush has primarily focused on dogs, cats, still lifes, and even himself. But now it seems his paintings have taken a turn toward the dark side.

While painting animal skulls might seem "wild west" and "manly"... certainly more manly than painting a portrait of yourself taking a shower... it's also kind of morbid. But, on second thought, perhaps not any more morbid than painting a portrait of yourself taking a shower.

Oh! One other little tidbit Dowd dropped in her op-ed. When asked how much he sees Cheney, Bush distanced himself from Darth Vader by responding...

“never” and asserted that he had never been that close to his vice president and the age difference precluded a friendship.

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