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George W. Bush: Painter*

Is this art?
Is this art?
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* Kinda

George W. Bush is many things. Unlike many top Democrats -specifically former Presidents Clinton and Carter- he has not bothered with humanitarian activities after leaving office.

Actually, just having him distracted with painting is a service to this country, other nations and small animals.

Bush says he is a deeply religious man who still openly authorized torture during his administration. Such actions were undertaken by officials serving him. With his Born Again, I am a Christian enthusiastic approval.

To be clear: such folks did not serve the citizenry.

A recent report by the United States Senate has found that the torture was not only excessive but nonproductive. Information is easier to gain during positive interactions.

Wait, Dick Cheney says that waterboarding is not torture.

As Senator Angus King of Maine has suggested, let’s try it on the former Veep and see if he changes his mind. After all, enhanced interrogation isn’t so bad if it isn’t performed on you.

Back to GWB. He now says he is an artist.

This column has nothing against the legally blind, children, the mentally ill and people with absolutely no taste whatsoever.

But really. If a kindergarten teacher displayed these portraits it would be embarrassing.

Wait, is the fact that Bush/Cheney failed at every aspect of leadership both domestic and foreign influencing this opinion.

Hmmm, uh no. The portraits are awful.

It would be hard to find Americans today who think the Iraqi invasion was a good idea. The Supreme Court, burdened with his appointments and allies, continue to uphold horrible decisions. The economy was in free-fall thanks to Bush/Cheney policies. Many historians have put his administration at the bottom of lists rating Presidents.

He doesn’t deserve a library.

But since GW Bush had one built to honor him, his “art” is a fitting and apt display.

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