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George W. Bush, Evangelical Christians, and Israel: With friends like these...

Bush at the Western Wall
Bush at the Western Wall
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  • jack bernstein 6 years ago

    America is being hijacked by a group of religious fanatics called Zionists.

    It is essential that every American read the articles in the two part series titled: Zionist Terrorism Defined. This is a movement that is quickly forcing the world into a nuclear confrontation and that is the intended goal of these terrorists.

    The Apocolypse is the goal of the Christian Right in America and they are working dilligently to destroy democracy and turn the United States into a Zionist Theocracy intent on setting the global stage for the Second Coming of Jesus.

    Both articles contain a list of sources and reading materials for further research and the two part series can be accessed at the following url:

    It's time to re-claim North America from the Zionist fanatics and terrorists using their strange Gods and religious texts to justify wa

  • stewart 6 years ago

    To the liberal left which typically makes up San Francisco this article will be frowned upon. The new progressive chant is I am not anti-semitic, I just am anti-zionist. MLK said it best when a friend of his said this....
    Unfortunately the media is so bias these days, they forget about the 10,000 missiles that came into Israel from Gaza to terrorize the Israeli population. further that even Egypt closes its borders to Gaza...Wonder why that is? Gaza is a radical islamist state. Most people just read the BS and don't research the truth of the matter stated
    At least this is an honest article

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