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George W. Bush and the promotion of democracy, part I

We will make you free...or kill you trying
We will make you free...or kill you trying


  • THE VOICE 6 years ago

    The block purchasing of health care by all government and non-government unions is what went wrong with our health insurance in America. No one seems to be pointing the finger in the right direction. Maybe you could spread the word on this un-exposed reality.

  • ken sawyer 6 years ago

    All valid points. Well said.

  • classical liberal 6 years ago

    All wars, nation building, democracy spreading, world government creating (league of nations, UN) is an ultra progressive characteristic.

    No thanks. Free trade otherwise leave them alone and stay out of their business. Enough wasting our resources to try to save the world. Everyone hates us for it. Not sure if doing nothing all this time could have been better. After all, Wilson's Versailles treaty helped pave way to Hitler...

    Thats progressive interventionism for neocons are taking the lead. Obviously neocons are progressive too.

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