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George Takei to host ‘Saturday Night Live’

George Takei can now knock something off of his bucket list. According to a column written by the actor/comedian/ gay rights advocate/social media star on Huffington Post dated April 1, Takei will finally be hosting “Saturday Night Live.”

George Takei will finally be hosting Saturday Night Live in the not too distant future
Photo by Larry Busacca

Takei stated he’s waited years to say, “Live From New York, it’s Saturday Night”! After a fan campaign got Betty White a coveted host spot on the late night show, Takei’s fans took up the cause to get their guy on. He wasn't sure he wanted to do it at first, but his fans kept up the pressure.

Nothing much ever came of it until last week when Brad, Takei’s husband and “unofficial scheduler,” got a call. “George has to do this,” they insisted. “He’s a natural fit.”

Takei asked the question a lot of folks might ask. Why now? The show’s answer was simple.

You're more than just Sulu from "Star Trek" these days," they explained. "You've got millions of followers on Facebook and Twitter. You've got not one but two books out. You're appearing in a Broadway show" -- meaning “Allegiance,” inspired by my childhood experience in U.S. Internment camps -- "and now you've even launched your own fragrance. People with a lot less going on have been on."

Faced with that response and the love of his huge fan base, Takei couldn't say no.

There is no date yet for George Takei’s hosting spot on “Saturday Night Live.” Takei further notes, though, that he will be only the third person of Asian descent invited to host the show. “Before me, only Jackie Chan and Lucy Liu have appeared. That has left a rather awkward voice in representation that I hope to fill.”

George is already writing up his monologue, but he won’t spill the beans on what he'll be talking about. “I can’t tell you yet what I've got planned, but it will give fans what they have come to expect. And probably raise a lot of eyebrows.”

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