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George Takei to host ‘Saturday Night Live’ is April Fool’s joke

George Takei pranked everybody with his announcement on the Huffington Post on April 1
George Takei Facebook Page

George Takei is a prankster. That shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but he really outdid himself yesterday. He published a blog at Huffington Post stating he was finally going to host “Saturday Night Live.” On his Facebook page this morning, April 2, though, was a smirking Takei with a sign that said “Gotcha!” under the caption, “As far as my announcement that I'll be hosting SNL...”

In yesterday’s blog, now an April Fool’s joke, Takei posted a supposed paragraph of why “Saturday Night Live” wanted him to host after all these years. It made perfect sense.

You're more than just Sulu from "Star Trek" these days," they explained. "You've got millions of followers on Facebook and Twitter. You've got not one but two books out. You're appearing in a Broadway show" -- meaning “Allegiance,” inspired by my childhood experience in U.S. Internment camps -- "and now you've even launched your own fragrance. People with a lot less going on have been on."

He also stated that husband/scheduler Brad asked about going on with him, but they said no. They’ve had relatives and friends on before. Why not Brad? Perhaps that should have been the giveaway?

At any rate, George Takei proved that he’s a prankster supreme. I mean, come on, he used the Huffington Post to perpetuate his April Fool’s prank! This writer fell for it, as well as many others.

So I have to say that my hat is off to you, George Takei! You got a lot of us good yesterday. It just goes to show why you’re so popular as an actor/comedian/social media superstar.

But just wait, George. Maybe it’ll be our turn to get you next year.

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