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George Soros puts his money in Apple: Never mind climate change energy issues

George Soros: Billionaire investor
George Soros: Billionaire investor
Sean Gallop/Getty Images

Billionaire Obama supporter, George Soros, doesn't necessarily "put his money where his mouth is," according to a CNBC report published August 15, 2013. The business article covering hedge funds reveals that Soros took "a bite out of Apple after ditching gold."

Only yesterday, it was revealed by The Week that an iPhone used more energy than an average mid-sized family refrigerator. In as much as stock in Apple products support an increasing cloud of energy use or abuse as some might consider the electronics sucking up more and more energy as they are enhanced to meet consumer demand; then, supporting Apple is contrary to climate change advocacy.

According to The Week, the way the ITC system energy gulps power as an ever hungrier cloud of energy monsters is a problem to anyone who truly cares about energy consumption and green living:

A recent paper "The Cloud Begins With Coal: Big Data, Big Networks, Big Infrastructure, and Big Power'details how the world's Information Communication Technology (ITC) ecosystem — which includes smartphones, those high-powered Bloomberg terminals on trading floors, and server farms that span the size of seven football fields — are taking up a larger and larger slice of the world's energy pie."

George Soros professes to be a climate change advocate. In a 2009 article Soros personally authored, "Financing the fight against climate change," he posited that developed countries, members of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), financially unite to invest in low-carbon energy sources and green projects. As members of the IMF, he suggested that the IMF gold reserves be put at risk to guarantee monies to finance the projects.

Today, as the White House is replacing solar panels that former President Carter installed 1979 and President Reagan removed, Soros Fund Management scooped up 66,800 shares in Apple. If, as Energy Secretary Steven Chu once said, the White House should "lead by example,on energy savings, one might ask, where does George Soros' example lead and whose example is he following? Soro's purchase occurred one day after another billionaire investor, Carl Icahn, let it be known he was heavily invested in Apple.

Two days ago, Icahn predicted Apple shares could trade up Soro's purchase occurred one day after another billionaire investor, Carl Icahn, let it be known he was heavily invested in Apple. After Icahn predicted Apple shares could trade up from $489.57 to $700, regardless of energy issues, Soros jumped on it.


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