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George R. R. Martin wants to kill you on 'Game of Thrones'

George R. R. Martin has thrilled countless audiences with "Game of Thrones" on HBO, and he is brought forth anger from just about all of them as well. He does this by killing off characters in his books in huge and unconventional ways, but now he wants to do something different. According to Cinema Blend on June 6, 2014, George R. R. Martin wants to kill you.

George R. R. Martin continues his genius with "Game of Thrones."
YouTube - Prizeo

A video was released showing Martin's sheer love for wolves and he is looking to save the animals in real life and he wants your help. He also wants to save coyotes and dingoes as well.

To help raise money for the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary and Food Depot, George R. R. Martin is offering to write you into one of his "Game of Thrones" books and then give you the ultimate honor of killing you off.

Full details on how you can donate, enter the contest, win, and get some other great prizes are detailed on George R. R. Martin's Prizeo page. Make sure to check it out to enter the contest, but also to help save the wolves of the world.

"Games of Thrones" quickly jumped into the slot as the most popular show ever on HBO, and it was proven as it recently surpassed "The Sopranos."

Now, you have the possibility of being on the show and being one of the many that is killed. You can get prizes for your levels of contributions, but one lucky random person - at any level of donation - will be chosen as the winner.

You also get to meet George R. R. Martin, and that is awesome on its own.

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