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George Lopez sleeps it off in Canadian drunk tank

George Lopez was arrested for public drunkenness.
Bryan Steffy/Getty

Actor and comedian George Lopez was arrested for public drunkenness after his performance at the Caesars Windsor Casino in Canada. He was found passed out, on the floor of the casino. According to a February 28 report by TMZ, security at the casino called the police who removed George Lopez from the casino.

Lopez had finished performing at the casino just before he was arrested. There was no information as to whether or not he caused a disturbance when he was arrested and removed from Caesars Windsor Casino. He is scheduled to perform again. At the time of publication, George Lopez had yet to cancel his next engagement.

Despite being arrested for public intoxication, no charges have yet to be filed against George Lopez. It is believed that he simply slept it off in a drunk tank. After sobering up, the actor/comedian was then released.

At the time of publication, it was unknown if charges would be filed against George Lopez at a later date. It appears that he will finish his obligation to perform at Caesars Windsor.

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