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George Clooney Video: Young celeb looked great in Levis -- 1st episode on TV show Facts of Life 1985

George Clooney Video: George Clooney played a supporting role on the TV series Facts of Life in the
George Clooney Video: George Clooney played a supporting role on the TV series Facts of Life in the 1980s. See his first appearance on the coming of age television show here. Subscribe to the George Clooney Examiner for star celeb trivia and latest gossip. Follow on Twiitter @greencelebrity.
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George Clooney Video!

First Episode Footage of Clooney on Facts of Life --

Long before George Clooney became America's favorite Baby Boomer male movie star, he earned his fame on television.

George Clooney won the role of George Burnett -- a hot but not so handy handy man on the then hit television show Facts of Life (to the delight of 1980s teenage and college age girls who had come of age watching the coming of age TV show).

Fans who catch episode reruns on cable might not even realize at first the character portrayed is him.

In the following video clip from circa 1985, Clooney first meets the girls and is hired as a building contractor to help them rebuild their business after a devastating fire.

Most memorable parts of the episode, sure to delight all die hard George Clooney fans?

  1. George Clooney looks so young and handsome, you can see why he rose to movie stardom.
  2. He was funny and had a charismatic smile and laughed with confidence even back then.
  3. Clooney had a way with the star celebs who had been on the show since the late 1970s -- you could see he held his own and absolutely charmed them.
  4. You get to see George Clooney dressed like a construction worker -- revealing bare arms in one scene.
  5. Beyond the work boots making Clooney look like a believable guy next door kind of man, he certainly showed that back in the day when guys looked hot in tight Levis (blue Jeans) that is was more than easy for him to look like a Macho man and turn ladies heads.

Least memorable parts of the episode -- or more appropriately stated the parts we'd most like to forget?

  1. Remembering when this Baby Boomer episode first aired for Gen X.
  2. The Mullet: Yes, fans... George Clooney had a full head of dark and silky curls back then -- all business in the front and gracing below his collar line in back.

'Nuff said.

Enjoy ~~


Green Celebrity George Clooney signed on to play George Burnett --

a "regular kind of guy" character -- back in the day.


Trying to remember the names of the other Star Celebs who played on Facts of Life? Here's a few teen scene names form the 1980s you might remember:

Lisa Whelcher played Blair Warner.

Kim Fields played Tootie.

Mindy Cohn played Natalie Green.

Nancy McKeon played Jo.

** Charlotte Rae played Edna Garrett from 1979 - 1986.

** Chloris Leachmen played Beverly Ann Stickle from 1986 - 1988 (replacing Rae as house mum).

Molly Ringwald played Molly Parker from 1979-1980.

Todd Bridges played Willis Jackson from 1979 - 1981 making guest appearances as his character from Different Strokes.

George Clooney played George Burnett  from 1985-1987.


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