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George Clooney pranks Matt Damon; Damon’s pants made smaller as joke (video)

George Clooney obviously knows how to play a good joke, even if the intended victim is Matt Damon. On Tuesday night Matt Damon discussed that he found out about an elaborate prank from the media as George Clooney had his pant altered to make it seem that the star was gaining weight while exercising instead of losing it. According to Crushable on Wednesday, the prank has fans loving George Clooney even more than ever.

“I read finally, which answered a lot for me, that he’d been taking my wardrobe in, my pants in, by about an eighth or a sixteenth of an inch every couple days,” said Matt Damon on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. “And I never said anything to him, of course, which he probably loved even more.”

The idea of altering someone’s pants, even slightly to make them feel different has to be one of the funniest ideas yet. The joke, very subtle and obviously brilliant, had fans giggling at Matt Damon. However the best part of the joke has to be that Matt Damon didn’t tell anyone that he noticed the altered clothing and he found out that he was pranked in the media after Clooney told a reporter.

Of course George is known to be a jokester, but this prank has to be one of his best pranks yet. Orchestrating it from behind the scenes and then months later letting his victim know what happened is too funny.
Take a look at the video clip of Matt Damon talking about George Clooney’s prank!

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