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George Clooney Height: How tall is George Clooney? Taller or shorter than Matt Damon or Brad Pitt?

How tall is George Clooney? Not as tall as his hot male celebrity friends Matt Damon or Brad Pitt.
Celebrity Height! How tall is actor George Clooney? Not as tall as his hot male celebrity friends Matt Damon or Brad Pitt. While Clooney may have been taller in younger years, his acting portfolio might need a little revision of his height credentials. Here's why -- details on height (and weight) of George Clooney and rumors about how tall his celebrity pals actually are in real life.
George Clooney Examiner via @celebritycouple / Yahoo Movies

George Clooney Trivia!

How tall is George Clooney?

10 feet tall if you watch his movies -- and bulletproof to boot if you look at the history of his Hollywood acting career.

Here's the real answer about his height (and weight) for those fans who are curious about the Cloon, compared with George Clooney's hot male celebrity friends Brad Pitt and Matt Damon by the looks of the photo on the left.


Celebrity gossip sources might not be reliable, but the actor's acting portfolio is usually close to the truth.

George Clooney lists his height as 5 feet 11 inches -- 180.34 centimeters if you are in EU.

That's a fairly average height for men in the United States, with 5'10" being an average norm.

However, at that height, he's likely to be considered quite tall by most Europeans -- and since Clooney makes his celebrity home  in Italy on the shores of Lake Como (where many of the local men are only 5'5", 5'6", ad 5'7" inches tall), he's nearly a giant.

Like he is on the big screen, as well.

However, before you go quoting that height, it might be smart to read further down in this article -- and to think about whether or not the 5'11" claim is really credible anymore.


George Clooney says his weight fluctuates between 185.19-196.21 lbs (84-89 Kgs) -- a healthy body weight for a man just under the six foot mark. 


Now, whether or not Clooney has flubbed his height up or down an inch or two in the past so he could play certain roles or get early career modeling positions is unclear.

As such, the best was to judge how tall George Clooney is, the best way to estimate is by looking at pictures of him standing next to other celeb friends on the red carpet and on the set.


Is George Clooney taller or shorter than his famous Hollywood friends Matt Damon and Brad Pitt?

Check out the photo (above left).

It looks to us he's shorter than Matt Damon (who claims to be 5'10" -- who is not quite as tall as Brad Pitt (who claims to be just shy of 6 foot").

Granted, shoe heel height makes a difference, but gross irregularities between claims about how tall any celebrity is and their actual physical appearance can be quickly metered out through observation of images.

Pitt is supposedly just shy of 6 feet tall.

Damon (we think) looks 5'11" but he says he's 5'10".

As such, if we had to guess, Clooney may have been 5'11 in his younger years, but now appears to be only 5'9" or 5'10".

Is the celeb shrinking due to the normal again process? We think so.

No matter how tall George Clooney is in real life, we still think he's the hottest Baby Boomer -- and as for Pitt and Damon? They are both Gen X so they don't count in the same category.

To compare Clooney to them would be like making some fruity comparison of apples and grapes to an orange.

All are juicy -- but not the same unless you are talking how sweet each one is (and that would be a topic for another pop culture trivia article, based solely on the comments of their wives and girlfriends).

What do YOU think? How tall do you believe George Clooney really is? If you have more information about Geirge Clooney's height, feel free to leave www links to articles in the comments section below. If you have met him in person and actually know or host a fan site that includes more detailed celebrity height photos, we'd love to know.

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  • Mimi 5 years ago

    I've stood next to Russell Crowe ... whom publicity sources claim is 5'11". Not true. He's the same height as my husband at 5'10". Crowe is taller than George Clooney, who may be 5'9" if wearing well heeled shoes.

    I read a publicity release that said Tom Cruise is 5'9". That's just ludicrous. In normal shoes he's barely 5'7".

  • G. 5 years ago

    We have a friend who, standing by herself in photos, looks about 5’6” when she’s actually 5” 1 ½”. It’s because she’s well-proportioned. On the other hand, our other friend who is actually 5’6 ½” looks short because she is not as well proportioned.

    I enjoyed several Clint Eastwood films before I learned how very tall he is. He just seemed short to me (not that it mattered). Regardless of his real height and because George is perfectly proportioned, he always looks tall—to me, anyway.

    For fun, look at single photos of people you don’t know but others do, and guess their height. You’ll be surprised.

  • A 5 years ago


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Tall for most Europeans? That's just not true, Europeans are taller than Americans on average. Average height around Lake Como 5'5??? That would be considered short in China...

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    met george cloony a couple of times at the mariott in marina del rey where he has his production company. I'm 5.11. He's barely 5.6.

  • lupo 3 years ago

    Sorry I disagree, he is not 5.6 , my niece met in person in Italy she is a model there , and he was the honard guest and she has a picture with him , she's 5.8 and he is a couple of inches taller. At minimum 5.10

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Famous people always exaggerate their height, especially actors and athletes. It is no secret that taller people enjoy great social advantages over shorter folks. If I had to guess Clooney is probably 5'10" tall, maybe 5'11" in his prime. Brad Pitt is most likely 5'11" to 5'11.5", his skinny build makes him look bigger. Matt Damon is reputed to be 5'10" tall. Even tall actors such as Christian Bale who are legit 6 footers boost their height, when Batman Begins was released in 2005, it was stated he was 6'2", then when Dark Knight was released, it was stated he was 6'1" and then he himself said he is 6 feet flat.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Oh and the average male height in the US is not 5'10", its 5'8.9". Many European nations are taller than America. The four tallest nations on Earth are Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, and Sweden. Males in these countries range between 5'11" to 6 feet tall as an average!!!

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    I'm 6'2" and have been to the netherlands many times, I am usually the tallest person in the room. Not in Amsterdam, I felt small and I buy pants there as the cuts are geared towards taller people. I have seen Clooney at the Weiner Circle in Chicago and he is a full head shorter than me.

  • LUPO 3 years ago

    I'm Italian and was born in Italy and live in the U.S and I am the same age as George Clooney and my height is exactly 5.11 AND 180 Pounds
    I disagree with Kate Davis about the 5.5 and 5.6 in Italy , she would be correct for the previous generation , for example my father was 5.7 , but all of my male cousins in Italy and a lot of other friends I have there are about 5.9 and above, with about 4 of them at 6.1 and 6.2 So for the new generation According to the Italian newspaper il Corriere della Sera is now at about 5.9 in Italy . In the USA average is at 5.10 only a 1 inch difference.

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    people who really buy that clooney is 5'11 or damon 5'10 and the most ridiculous claim of pitt 5'11/ 6ft are dumb...

    they all wear elevator shoes to make themselves taller but infact you have to take their claim and at least
    decrease it by about 3-5cm
    after googling a little through the internet for pics etc I came up with these heights:
    Clooney 177cm
    Pitt 176cm
    Damon 174cm

    many people will disagree on that since they cant imagine how their favourite superstar can only be average height but well I dont care ..if u want to believe what hollywood wants you to think then go ahead ..but I wont be fooled

    pitt is by the way next to stallone and diesel the biggest lift shoe abuser on earth^^...I was shocked after I saw his lifts in "spy game" or "ocean's 11" ...even his regular sneakers have 1 inch heels hidden inside them lol poor guy

  • jp 3 years ago

    Average height is cool! What is wrong with an actor or anyone being average height?
    As a matter a fact 6 feet is considered slightly taller than average,There are pros and cons for tall people
    Pros >they have an extra reach Cons >They have to bend alot and imagine when reaching old age.
    Average height is a blessing!

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    cloon dog is 5' 7 max

  • bonanza 3 years ago

    I smoked a cigar with George at the Hyatt in Dubai. He was 5'2" in his dress shoes. He's shorter than most women! lol he's a shortie!!

  • P Jones 3 years ago

    My daughter-in-law, who is 5'9" in heels met G. Clooney a couple of years ago and said he was not as tall as she, so I would assume he is about 5'8" which is reflected in the above photo with Damon and Pitt.

  • Andi 3 years ago

    This is all bull-kaa-kaa. Clooney is 5'6"

  • Glenn 2 years ago

    There is an unwritten Law as regards Celebrity heights. Whatever they reckon there height is, you minus 2 inches!.....It works everytime!

  • Glenn 2 years ago

    There is an unwritten Law as regards Celebrity heights. Whatever they reckon there height is, you minus 2 inches!.....It works everytime!

  • Jorge 2 years ago

    In fact, I realize that many actors are shorter than what they look like.For example, Brad pitt uses always at least, 5 cms shoes. He does´t have more than 1.76 cms. Lyers...
    Another fact is that Americans are shorter than most of Europeans.
    Example: Spanish people have an average of 1.78cms. Nederlands: 1.84 cms. Americans: 1.76 cms...etc...

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