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George Clooney for governor? Rumored political reports have Californians shocked

George Clooney for Governor? Political rumors run wild
George Clooney for Governor? Political rumors run wild
Photo by Feng Li/Getty Images

Would you vote for George Clooney if he became the next California Governor? The question might be a little shocking, but on Tuesday America is thinking about the idea after rumors surfaced that the sexy Hollywood actor is contemplating a run for the big office. According to the Atlantic Journal on Tuesday, the rumors so far have raised eyebrows, but nobody is counting out the idea of the actor being part of politics in the future even if Clooney's reps debunk the idea of running for office.

Hollywood has offered up some amazing individuals when it comes to politicians, especially when it comes to the California Governor. The last big movie star to be in the office was Arnold Schwarzenegger and locals are still talking about his time in the office and what he did for the state. There was President Ronald Reagan who also came from the movie business and became the Commander-in-Chief.

While the question might be when George Clooney might run for governor, there is no doubt he has widespread support of the idea. He is an actor, a political activist focused on Darfur, plus he has several political contacts, including President Barack Obama that could pull him into a race quickly. Add that he is hugely popular with the Democrats and everyone knows who he is as he has television and theater performances and the idea might be possible.

George Clooney has yet to declare he is going to run for governor. In fact he hasn’t suggested he would be interested in taking the position at all, but then again political careers are usually built up by testing out how public feels about someone running. With all the hoopla going on about the possibility of George Clooney for governor, he might want to consider running for president as people are really excited. Whether Clooney decides on California Governor or President of the United States, people will be watching!