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George Clooney and Steve Wynn fight about Obama as Clooney is drunk on tequila

George Clooney, the Hollywood actor, and Steve Wynn, a casino mogul, got into a heated argument over dinner, according to a Yahoo! News report on Wednesday. Depending on whose version of the story you want to believe, Clooney either got drunk and argumentative when Wynn insulted Obama – or Wynn was out of line when he insulted the commander-in-chief regardless of Clooney’s inebriated state. Nonetheless, there were some sharp words exchanged between the two high-profiled, “1-percenters.”

George Clooney in a sober state

Clooney claims, by speaking out, he only wants to make the reasons for the argument between himself and Wynn to be understood. He said, of the verbal exchange which he admits was quite heated, that he wasn’t going to sit at a table while Wynn was being such a “jackass.” The Academy Award winning actor said that he wasn’t about to tolerate Wynn throwing insults at President Barack Obama – who Clooney boasts is his longtime friend.

The incident reportedly happened two weeks ago while the two men – Clooney and Wynn – were among 7 other persons at a dinner in Las Vegas, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal. The two men tell quite different tales of what happened before Clooney lost control and stormed out of the dinner. The dinner, incidentally, was held at Steve Wynn’s Encore Hotel in Sin City.

According to Clooney, who mentions nothing of being in an inebriated state, said that there were 9 persons at the dinner table – and he said that one could ask those present for the lowdown, as well. Clooney said that Wynn likes to go on “rants” – and on this particular rant, he called President Barack Obama an “asshole.” Specifically, Clooney explained that he told Wynn and the group that the president was his longtime friend – and then Wynn said that Clooney’s longtime friend is an “asshole.”

At that point, Clooney said that he told Wynn he wasn’t going to sit at the table while he was being such a “jackass.” And, Clooney admits that that is when he got up and walked out of the dinner. Even though “asshole” and “jackass” are nouns, the actor said that there were obviously quite a few more adjectives and adverbs used by both of them as he walked out. Clooney claims that the incident had nothing to do with politics.

Wynn tells a different version of the story. He says that the topic of the Affordable Care Act – Obamacare – came up by Clooney. Naturally, there are few topics more political than Obamacare on the planet right now which would mean that Clooney wasn't on target when he claimed that the topic at the table was not about politics.

Also, Wynn – when talking with the Las Vegas Review Journal – said that Clooney “got drunk” and “threw a hissy fit.” This reportedly happened when one of two CAA executives at the gathering told a joke about former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev. Wynn said that he irritated Clooney – which was easy to do in Clooney’s alleged drunken state – when Clooney sat down and began talking about Obamacare.

Wynn concluded his version of the story by saying that Clooney is fun to be with when he isn’t drunk. He said, “If you have a chance to drink with <Clooney>, you want to get there early and don’t stay late.” Reportedly, neither George Clooney nor his representative had any comeback about the incident after Steve Wynn’s version of the story – which includes testimony to Clooney’s drunkenness – came out. For the record, it has been alleged that Clooney was hammered on tequila shots.

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