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George Burns on selecting a career instead of a job

Hollywood is not an easy place to make a living. There is no doubt that once someone gets a starring role or other big break their life is forever changed.

Joy enjoyment is a key to engagement and productivity.
Joy enjoyment is a key to engagement and productivity.
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Still many that head to the bright lights of tinsel town end up taking whatever position they can find to squeeze out a living while looking for that break.

George Burns, part of the iconic comedy team that included his wife Gracie Allen, reflected on his fortune at having such an illustrious career.

“I’d rather be a failure at something I enjoy,” Burns said, “than a success at something I hated.”

This advice encourages people to work diligently on something they love doing instead of taking the first career path that exposes an opportunity. It can be difficult for the unemployed to see the wisdom of Burns’ statement but the person locked in an unrewarding career truly understands his point.

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