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George A. Romero's birthday, so watch these four non-zombie movies

Today is horror icon George A. Romero's birthday and he was born on this day in 1940. It is no doubt to say that Romero made zombies quite popular with his groundbreaking film "Night of the Living Dead" and other zombie features. Romero didn't direct all zombies movies either, and that's what these four movies are.

So let's begin with this list:

Romero uses witchcraft in this 70s picture. "Season of the Witch," is about a bored housewife is tired of everything and decides to practice black magic.

"Martin," is a famous cult vampire movie. The story goes like this, is Martin really a vampire or is he just really just crazy?

This movie doesn't deal with horror besides the horror of society. The film is about the personal lives and trials of a traveling renaissance troupe.

Okay personally never saw this movie, but you really don't think Romero and romantic melodramas go together, this movie tells otherwise. According to the NY Times this movie starred, Raymond Laine, Judith Streiner, Richard Ricci, and Roger McGovern.

So that's just a look at Romero and his movies that aren't just about his zombies pictures.

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