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Geomancy 101.9: Caput Draconis

Caput Draconis (“Dragon Head”) is the Ninth Geomantic Figure. As the Flame of Wind, it connects to Tarot King of Swords. There is no Zodiac Sign that is an Air Sign Ruled by Mars. Anciently Caput Draconis was assigned to the “North Node of the Moon”. This writer feels is should rather be assigned to Leo, which would connect it with Strength. There is another Figure, “Puer”, which we shall also assign to Leo, which will be dealt with soon.


The Hebrew Letter assigned to the Nineteenth Path of the “Thirty-Two Paths of Wisdom”, corresponding to “Strength”, is Tet, the Ninth Letter, the original pictograph for which is of a basket. The Modern Letter Tet resembles a vortex, knot or spiral. It has been also likened to a coiled serpent. It represents potential power, and has been compared to the Kundalini Energy.

In Nova Thought, we see the Zodiac sign of Leo, a Fire Sign ruled by the Sun, as a Sub-Principle, the Light of Flame. The Light Principle connects us to Sunday, the Number Six, to the Crown Chakra (the Sahasrara), and the three Light Runes are: Jera, Sowilo and Dagaz. The Character is the Monarch.

The Flame Principle relates us to Tuesday, Number Three, the Third Chakra, the Manipura, and the Runes Nauthiz, Kaunaz and Tiwaz.

The Binary Code for Caput Draconis is 2111, in other Words a Pair of Dots, followed by Three Single Dots. It looks a little like a Divining Rod, pointing Outwards or Upwards. This Sign is associated with new beginnings, journeys, opportunities, change, self-improvement, fertility, potential, and all that is new. There is a feeling here of birth, new starts and innocence.

As the Right Witness, the new beginning has already taken place. Usually the outcome will be favorable, but this depends on the other Two Figures in the Reading.

As the Left Witness, this Figure says that the beginning is yet to come. Do not, however, wait to work on resolving the problem at hand.

As the Judge, Caput Draconis encourages you to look beyond the surface, and also, within.

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