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Geomancy 101.8: Fortuna Minor


Fortuna Minor (“Lesser Fortune”) is the Eighth Geomantic Figure. As the Rain of Flame, it connects to Tarot Queen of Wands and Temperance. The Zodiac Sign is Sagittarius, a Fire Sign, ruled by Jupiter. Thus, in Nova Thought, Sagittarius, is the Rain of Flame.

In Nova Thought, this would make it the Rain of Flame. As a Mutable Sign, it is also connected to the Chaos Source.

The Flame Princiople, connects us to Tuesday, the Number Three, the Third Chakra, the Manipura, and the Three Flame Runes, Kaunaz Nauthiz and Tiwaz. The Character is the Warrior, with a referent to Geburah.

The Rain Principle, on the other hand, relates to Thursday, the Number Two, the Runes Uruz, Thurisaz, and Laguz, and the Second or Splenic Chakra, the Svaddhisthana. The Nova Thought character is the Champion. There is also a referent back to Chesed.

The Binary Code for Fortuna Minor is 1122, in other Words Two Single Dots, followed by Two Pairs of Dots. Thus, it is numerically opposite of its predecessor, Fortuna Major.

Here the two-tined fork faces downwards. It could function as a fulcrum, the base of a lever, just like the Hebrew Letter “Samech”, which is assigned to the Tarot Card of Temperance. The Queen of Wands is often said to represent a bride. Think of a dowry, and this makes sense. One is reminded of the Keltic Goddess Brigid, who, although she is Goddess of Fire, is said to travel between the various Worlds through the Power of Sacred Water.

Fortuna Minor is all about “Good Luck”, but the Source is External, not Internal, like Fortuna Major. This can also be fleeting. Fortuna Minor is yet another reminder of the transient Nature of all things.

As the Right Witness, the luck has been in the Past. Whether is is to continue depends on the other Two Figures.

As the Left Witness, this Figure advises that a gamble could well succeed.

As the Judge, Fortuna Minor advises you to go ahead and take that chance. Dig that fork in, be daring and eat that pie.

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