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Geomancy 101.6: Carcer

Carcer is not just about Prison...
Carcer is not just about Prison...

Carcer (“Prison”) is the Sixth Geomantic Figure. It reverses the Numbers of Conjunctio, its predecessor. The Binary Code is 1221, a Single Dot, Two Pairs of Dots, then a Single Dot. Carcer is unique as the only Geomantic Figure with an apparent “inside”. As “Wind of Stone”, it relates to the somber Knight of Disks, the Sign of Virgo, and the solitary Hermit. The Knight of Disks has to do with slow, careful movement, and the Hermit speaks of separation. Both of these Concepts may help one to gain a true Understanding of Carcer. As a mnemonic aid, Carcer is similar to the Letter "O".

Virgo, the Virgin, is said to be an Earth Sign, ruled by Planet Mercury. In Nova Thought, this connects with Wind of Stone. Wind relates to the Number One, Ansuz, Wunjo, Berkano of the Elder Futhark Runes, and the Anahata (“Unconquered”) or Heart Chakra. The Week Day is Wednesday, and the Character is the Messenger. This also further correlates it Sefirah Hod.

Stone, on the other hand, connects to Planet Venus, the Number Four, the Stone Principle, Friday, the Three Stone Runes are Fehu, Othala and Eihwaz, and to the First or Base Chakra, the Muladhara. Stone also goes with Sefirah Netzach. The Character is the Guardian.

Carcer, as its Name implies, deals with isolation and confinement, restrictions and limitations. The implied conditions may be self-imposed. On the other hand, Carcer refers to any kind of binding whatsoever, including contracts and mortgages.

As the Right Witness, the bondage is in the Past. Depending on the context, it may be a Sign to rejoice or mourn.

As the Left Witness, the warning is clear: Be careful about any contractual agreements, unless that is what is sought.

As the Judge, Carcer is a warning to carefully evaluate all relationships, and not take toanything at face value. It may be Time to simply act alone.

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