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Geomancy 101.5: Fortuna Major

Fortuna Major
Fortuna Major

Fortuna Major (“Greater Fortune”) is the lucky Seventh Geomantic Figure. As the Flame of Rain, it connects to Tarot King of Cups and the infamous Death Card. The Zodiac Sign is Scorpio, a Water Sign, ruled by Mars. In Nova Thought, this would make it the Flame of Rain. As a Fixed Sign, it is also connected to the Order Source.

The Rain Principle relates to Thursday, the Number Two, the Runes Uruz, Thurisaz, and Laguz, and the Second or Splenic Chakra, the Svaddhisthana. The Nova Thought character is the Champion. There is also a referent back to Chesed.

The Flame Principle, on the other hand, connects us to Tuesday, the Number Three, the Third Chakra, the Manipura, and the Three Flame Runes, Kaunaz Nauthiz and Tiwaz. The Character is the Warrior, with a referent to Geburah.

The Binary Code for Fortuna Major is 2211, in other Words, Two Pairs of Dots, followed by Two Single Dots. Its appearance resembles a two-tined fork, a goblet, or a hand-held mirror, either of which would be a good comparison. It is important to remember that “Death” is the Deliverer of New Life, and the King of Cups is the Bearer of Joy. Fortuna Major is, of course, associated with luck and good fortune. Metaphysicians please note that this type of “Good Fortune” comes from within. As such, Fortuna Major is generally a very positive Sign, associated with inner strength, unconscious efforts, and nobility. Do the hard work and say your Affirmations.

As the Right Witness, the indication is that the foundation for Good things has already been laid. Make the most out of the situation

As the Left Witness, this Figure implores you to be watchful and wait. The Path will lead to victory.

As the Judge, Fortuna Major asks you to look in the mirror; you will see the True Source of the Abundance. Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, you had the Power all the Time.

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