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Geomancy 101.5: Conjunctio

Conjunctio and related concepts
Conjunctio and related concepts

The Fifth Figure is Conjunctio (“Conjunction”). Those of us in the New Age Movement might choose to call this “Meeting”. It would be analyzed as “Stone of Wind”, correlating to the Page of Swords, “Justice”. and Libra; in Nova Thought, Libra would refer to the Sub-Principle “Stone of Wind”, as it is an Air Sign, ruled by Venus. This would relate to Netzach and Hod. As a Cardinal Zodiac Sign, Libra also connects to the Road. Wind would further correlate to the Number One, Wednesday, Runes Ansuz, Wunjo, Berkano, and the Heart Chakra. Stone works with Number Four, Friday, Runes Fehu, Othala and Eihwaz and the First Chakra, the Muladhara. There is a Single Dot on top and bottom, and two Double Dots in the middle. Another Way of documenting the shape of a Geomantic Figure is in Binary Notation, which, in this case would be, from top to bottom, 2112. For those interested, this works out, for the First Four Signs, as 1111, 2222, 2121, and 1212.

Conjunctio is the Geomantic Figure or combined forces, coming together willingly. It is the Sign of the Crossroads, resembling the Modern English letter “X”. In Nature, Wind literally wears down Stone, and formations of Stone may obstruct the flow of Wind. This is also the Force of Change, like a sandstorm.

We have also here a concept of Grounded Intellect, based on Logic alone.. This Figure can also intimate love, friendship, sexual attraction, contracts, agreements and partnerships. There is also an Ancient Meaning for Conjunctio as the Sign of the recovery of that which has been lost.

If Conjunctio is the Right Witness, then the Meeting has already taken place.

As the left Witness, this Sign reveals that massive change is about to happen.

As the judge, the indication is to seek or meet with partners. Joint effort is strongly indicated.

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