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Geomancy 101.4: Amissio


The Fourth Geomantic Figure, Amissio (“loss”), is the same as the Third, Acquisitio, but upside-down. Here, the Two stacked goblets are overturned, and empty. This Figure analyses as “Earth over Earth”, or, in Nova Thought Technology, “Stone of Stone”, which would align with the Page of Disks, the High Priest, Taurus, being an Earth Sign, which is ruled by Venus. Venus is, of course, connected with the Seventh Sefirah, Chesed, This would link it with the Number Four (although the High Priest has the Roman Numeral V), the Three Stone Runes are Fehu, Othala and Eihwaz. Four refers us further to the First Chakra, the Muladhara. As a Fixed Sign, there is also a relationship between Taurus and Order.

Amissio literally Means “loss”, although Metaphysicians might call it “Lack”. This loss may be money, honor, a baseball game, or love. There also is a possible intimation of illness, theft, financial problems. However, the loss need not be a disaster, as it could also imply weight loss, the end of an addiction, or the remission of a tumor. Everything, of course, depends on the Question, and the other Two Figures.

Amissio serves also as a reminder of the transitional nature all things, including ourselves. There lies therein the possibility of rebirth. It is important to keep in Mind, that sometimes, the old must be cleared away to make room for the new.

As the Right Witness, Amissio indicates that the loss may be over. The loss, however may have cleared away something no longer valid.

As the Left Witness, The loss is in the Future. Prepare for the worst, and it might not be so bad.

If Amissio is the Judge, depending on the other Two Figures, the loss might just be preventable. Drastic changes in lifestyle may be necessary to accomplish this end.

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