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Geomancy 101.3: Acquisitio

Acquisitio and related Concepts
Acquisitio and related Concepts

The Third Geomantic Figure is Acquisitio (Gain), is directly associated with gaining things. Metaphysicians should probably call it “Abundance”. It is composed of Air over Air, which in Nova Thought is “Wind of Wind”, the Sub-Principle related to the Knight of Swords, The Lovers, and Gemini, the Air Sign which is ruled by Mercury. This would connect it, through Nova Thought, to Number One, the Wind Principle, the Anahata ("Unconquered") or Heart Chakra, and Ansuz, Wunjo, Berkano of the Elder Futhark Runes. There, is of course, through the Planet Mercury, a connection with Hod, the Eighth Sefira. Let's also remember that Gemini is a Mutable Sign, relating it to the Chaos Source.

Abundance Means Gain, as in of almost anything. Depending on the other Two Figures in a Reading, this could be good or bad, for example: an illness, a lover, a follower, a friend, wealth, or anything else. Whether this gain is positive of negative depends on the context. This Figure is also associated with success, fortune, material wealth, profit, goals, and rewards. Like the Tarot Card “The Lovers”, the indication may be that a moral choice is involved.

The Abundance herein indicated may not necessarily be free or come easily. As the “Wind of Wind”, this Sign is also aligned with higher intellect, philosophy, and learning.

As the Right Witness, Acquisitio implies that the Source of Abundance comes from the Past. There may be something overlooked, depending on the context.

As the Left Witness, the indication is, that Abundance is on the Way, however unexpected it may seem.

As the Judge, Acquisitio invites us to pay careful attention to all sources of Abundance. It has often been noted that this Figure resembles Two Goblets, one on top of the other. Some have referred to it as a “cauldron”. Keep this in Mind when interpreting Acquisitio.

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