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Geomancy 101.15: Albus

Albus (“White”) Fifteenth Geomantic Figure. As the Stone of Rain, it connects to Tarot Page of Cups. There is no Zodiac Sign that is an Water Sign, ruled by Venus. This writer feels is should be assigned to Aquarius, which would connect it with the Star, and the Hebrew Letter Tzaddi. Laetitia, which is also linked to Aquarius, was discussed already.


The Binary Pattern for Laetitia is 2212 Two Pairs of Dot, followed by a Single Dot, then a Third Pair. It looks a little like a Human Being, arms upstretched. Albus has also been likened to a goblet. Like Laetitia, Albus is almost always a good omen. Albus reminds one of the Greek Goddess Hebe, the Cup-Bearer, Goddess of Youth.

In relationship to Aquarius, Nova Thought, brings us to the Sub-Principle of the Essence of Wind, as an Air Sign, traditionally ruled by Saturn.

The Wind Principle in Nova Thought, relates to the fourth Chakra, the Heart or Anahata ("Unconquered"). The Weekday is Wednesday. The Number is One, and the Elder Futhark Runes are Ansuz, Wunjo, and Berkano. This also refers back to the Sefirah Hod. The Character is the Messenger.

Essence leads us to Saturday, the Number Five, Throat Chakra (Vishuddhi), and the three Essence Runes, Gebo, Algiz, and Mannaz. The Character is the Sage. As a Fixed Sign, Aquarius relates to the Order Source.

The Page of Cups provides a clue to the Meaning of Albus. Traditionally, this Tarot Card is interpreted as having to do with childlike emotions. There is a feeling of Inner joy and peace. Albus is a Sign of Wisdom, Awareness and Mystical Knowledge. The Energy of the Star tells us that we are God’s children, and we have the ability to receive the Abundance we deserve.

As the Right Witness, Albus tells us that our resources are built on the Past. Depending on the other Two Figures in a Reading, it may not be too late to draw energy from them.

As the Left Witness implies that a Time is coming when the goblet will be full. Prepare to drink the fullness of Life!

As the Judge, the Message is to get in touch with your Inner Child. The Power is Within, waiting to be tapped. Don’t overdo, but enjoy!