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Geomancy 101.14: Tristitia

“Tristitia” (“Sorrow”) is the Fourteenth Geomantic Figure. As the Wind of Rain, it connects to Tarot Knight of Cups. There is no Zodiac Sign that is a Water Sign, Ruled by Mercury. This writer feels is should be assigned to Capricorn, which would connect it with the Tarot “Devil”. There is another Figure, Rubeus (“Red”) which we shall also assign to Capricorn, which will soon be discussed.


Capricorn is an Earth Sign, ruled by Saturn. In Nova Thought, this would make it the representation of a Sub-Principle, the Essence of Stone.

Stone connects us with Friday, the Number Four, the First Chakra (Muladhara), and the Three Stone Runes, Fehu, Othala and Eihwaz. The Character is the Guardian.

Essence leads us to Saturday, the Number Five, Throat Chakra (Vishuddhi), and the three Essence Runes, Gebo, Algiz, and Mannaz. The Character is the Sage.

The Tarot Card is the Devil. It is important to remember that Modern Tarot Cards are rather heavily Christianized. Older Decks had a depiction of Pan, the Greek God of Nature, who was often depicted as a goat with a fish tail. The original Jewish version of the “Devil Card” was probably a representation of Samson (“Man of the Sun”). The Hebrew Letter assigned to the Twenty-Sixth Path in the “Thirty-Two Paths of Wisdom” is the now-silent Letter, Ayin. The Name of this Letter’s Tribe, Dan, means “to judge.” Samson was, indeed, a Member of the Tribe of Dan, so he is a good fit, for a Card that was probably later repressed.

The Binary Code for Tristitia is 2221 in other Words Three Pairs of Dots followed by One Single Dots. This would make it the same as Laetitia, its predecessor, but upside-down. Perhaps we can visualize Samson pushing apart the two pillars. The Knight of Cups has to do with brooding emotions, and the Devil with bondage.

Tristitia usually, but not always, has a negative portent, such as disappointment, humiliation, loneliness, a change for the worse, loss, destruction, illness, pain, heartbreak, despair, depression. It is also Traditionally associated with paradox and "kept secrets".

As the Right Witness, this Sign is associated with Past suffering. Depending on the other Two Figures, you may have already overcome the pain.

As the Left Witness, this Figure indicates that it may be Time to prepare for the worst. Follow the example of the Biblical Joseph preparing the Pharoah for Seven Years of Famine, and you will still prosper.

As the Judge the Meaning is that you need to learn from any suffering. Make the most of apparent Misfortune. Be more creative.

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