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Geomancy 101.13: Laetitia

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Laetitia (“Joy”) is the lucky Thirteenth Geomantic Figure. As the Rain of Stone, it connects to Tarot Queen of Disks. There is no Zodiac Sign that is an Earth Sign, ruled by Jupiter. This writer feels is should be assigned to Aquarius, which would connect it with the Star, and the Hebrew Letter Tzaddi. Albus, which is also linked to Aquarius, will be discussed soon.

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The Binary Pattern for Laetitia is 1222; One Single Dot, followed by Three Pairs. It looks a little bit like a rocket, or an upward-pointing arrow. Laetitia is almost always a good omen.

In relationship to Aquarius, Nova Thought, brings us to the Sub-Principle of the Essence of Wind, as an Air Sign, traditionally ruled by Saturn. Modern Astrologers use Uranus, but this writer has chosen to follow tradition. It is a bizarre Zodiacal Anomaly that the Water-Bearer is an Air Sign. Aleister Crowley switched the letters between the Star and the Emperor, but this writer has chosen to follow the more Ancient attribution. He did, however, utter the famous quote, "Every man and woman is a Star!"

The Wind Principle in Nova Thought, relates to the fourth Chakra, the Heart or Anahata ("Unconquered"). The Weekday is Wednesday. The Number is One, and the Elder Futhark Runes are Ansuz, Wunjo, and Berkano. This also refers back to the Sefirah Hod. The Character is the Messenger.

Essence leads us to Saturday, the Number Five, Throat Chakra (Vishuddhi), and the three Essence Runes, Gebo, Algiz, and Mannaz. The Character is the Sage. As a Fixed Sign, Aquarius relates to the Order Source.

The Queen of Disks provides a clue to the Meaning of Laetitia. Traditionally, this Tarot Card is interpreted motherly love in its truest Sense. She is the ultimate Giver of Goodness. There is a sense of upward mobility, here.

As the Right Witness, Laetitia speaks of childhood joy, inheritance. Be more childlike. Learn to feel and emote.

As the Left Witness, the reassurance is assured that happier Times are coming. You may have to raise your Awareness to perceive this.

As the Judge, the Message is to be in touch with the feminine aspect of the God Force. Do not fear this energy. For a woman, the Idea is to tap into that feminine power. For a man, get in touch with your feminine side.