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Geomancy 101.11: Puer

Puer (“Boy”) is the Eleventh Geomantic Figure. As the Wind of Flame, it connects to Tarot Knight of Wands. There is no Zodiac Sign that is an Air Sign Ruled by Mars. This writer feels is should rather be assigned to Cancer, which would connect it with the Chariot. There is another Figure, “Puella”, which we shall also assign to Cancer, which will be dealt with soon.


This writer feels is should rather be assigned to Leo, which would connect it with Strength. We have recently discussed Caput Draconis, which is also linked to Leo.

The Binary Pattern for Puer is 1121; Two Single Dots, a Pair, then a Single Dot. Traditionally, the Pair of Dots near the bottom of the Figure has been compared to testes; thus this has to do with Male Energy. Puer does not, however, necessarily refer to a biologically Male character, just the attributes and Energy.

In Nova Thought, we see the Zodiac sign of Leo, a Fire Sign ruled by the Sun, as a Sub-Principle, the Light of Flame. The Light Principle connects us to Sunday, the Number Six, to the Crown Chakra (the Sahasrara), and the three Light Runes are: Jera, Sowilo and Dagaz. The Character is the Monarch.

The Flame Principle relates us to Tuesday, Number Three, the Third Chakra, the Manipura, and the Runes Nauthiz, Kaunaz and Tiwaz.

The Knight of Wands provides a clue to the Meaning of Puer. Traditionally, this Tarot Card is interpreted to Mean travel or rapid movement. Puer has an interpretation of youthful bravado, energy, drive and willpower. A good Image for Puer is Sir Galahad (son of Lancelot), one of the Knights of Arthur’s Round Table. Puer also can symbolize unplanned actions, conflict, combat, and even violence.

As the Right Witness, puer speaks of youthful folly. The strife was in the Past.

As the Left witness, the warning may be to be careful about a decision you will have to make in the Future.

As the Judge, the Message is to get in touch with your more youthful, daring side. It is Time to take chances

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