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Geomancy 101.12: Puella

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“Puella” (“Girl”) is the Twelfth Geomantic Figure. As the Flame of Stone, it connects to Tarot King of Disks . There is no Zodiac Sign that is an Earth Sign Ruled by Mars. This writer feels is should be assigned to Cancer, which would connect it with the Chariot. There is another Figure, Cauda Draconis (“Dragon Tail”) also assigned to Cancer, which we have already discussed.

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The Zodiac Sign of Cancer is a Water sign, ruled by Luna, Earth’s Moon. In Nova Thought, we would postulate this as relating to Shadow of Rain. The Rain Principle connects us to Thursday, the Number Two, the Splenic or Svaddhisthana Chakra, and the Runes Uruz, Thurisaz, and Laguz.

The Shadow Principle would connect us to Saturday, Number Seven, and by extension, the three Shadow Runes, Perthro, Ehwaz, and Ingwaz, and the Brow or Ajna.

Water refers back to the Fourth Sefira, Chesed, and the Moon to the Ninth Sefira, Yesod.

The Binary Code for Puella is 1211, in other Words One Single Dots, a Pair of Dots, then Two Singles. This would make it the same as Puer, its predecessor, but upside-down. The Pair of Dots near the top of the Figure are said to resemble breasts, hence the Female Name for this Figure.

This Sign is associated Puella is associated with female sexuality, although in a Reading, it does not necessarily refer to a Female. The implicit Idea is closer to Traditional “Female” Values, such as beauty, love, care-giving, receptivity, companionship, nurturing, fertility, adaptability and inner strength. One is reminded of Guinevere. There is an overwhelming Sense of Abundance in Puella, reflected in the Tarot King of Disks, which is usually interpreted as the Giver of Money.

As the Right Witness, Puella is a reminder that, in the Past, resources were overwhelming.

As the Left Witness, this Figure indicates that good things are on the Way.

As the Judge, Puella is the Granter of Wishes, but be careful of what you wish for! Learn acceptance.


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