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Geomancy 101.10: Cauda Draconis

Cauda Draconis (“Dragon Tail”) is the Tenth Geomantic Figure. As the Stone of Flame, it connects to Tarot Page of Wands. There is no Zodiac Sign that is a Fire Sign Ruled by Venus. Anciently Caput Draconis was assigned to the “South Node of the Moon”. This writer feels is should rather be assigned to Cancer, which would connect it with the Chariot. There is another Figure, “Puella”, which we shall also assign to Cancer, which will be dealt with soon.


The Hebrew Letter assigned to the Eighteenth Path of the “Thirty-Two Paths of Wisdom”, corresponding to “Strength”, is Chet, the Eighth Letter, the original pictograph for which is of a CityWall.

The Zodiac Sign of Cancer is a Water sign, ruled by Luna, Earth’s Moon. In Nova Thought, we would postulate this as relating to Shadow of Rain. The Rain Principle connects us to Thursday, the Number Two, the Splenic or Svaddhisthana Chakra, and the Runes Uruz, Thurisaz, and Laguz.

The Shadow Principle would connect us to Saturday, Number Seven, and by extension, the three Shadow Runes, Perthro, Ehwaz, and Ingwaz, and the Brow or Ajna.

Water refers back to the Fourth Sefira, Chesed, and the Moon to the Ninth Sefira, Yesod.

The Binary Code for Caput Draconis is 1112, in other Words Three Single Dots, followed by a Pair of Dots. This would make it the same as Caput Draconis, its predecessor, but upside-down. It looks a little like a Divining Rod, pointing Downwards, as if searching for Water. It has been said to resemble a path through a doorway.

This Sign is associated with endings, arrivals, with past skills, experiences, knowledge and closure.

As the Right Witness, there is a feeling of completion. Usually the outcome will be favorable, as with Caput Draconis, but, once again, this depends on the other Two Figures in the Reading. There is also a sense of connection with One’s ancestors.

As the Left Witness, this Figure says that completion is to come. It is not necessarily a Sign of physical death. Do not, however, wait to work on resolving the problem at hand.

As the Judge, Cauda Draconis encourages you to look beyond the surface, and also, seek the Philosopher. Change single-mindedly everything in your life. Don’t be afraid to be a little selfish.

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