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Geomancy 101.1: Via


This might be a good Time to mention, that there is no set universally accepted Order for the Geomantic Figures. This writer has chosen to follow the Chart he has developed for the last article. There are multiple Methods of creating the Figures. In addition to using random dots, dice or coins, you may simply prepare cards. The only drawback to this is that Traditional Geomantic Divination Methods allow for repeating Figures. It shouldn’t, however, matter. Use what feels right.

It is easy to see how the Name “Pathway” (Via) originated, as it literally resembles a Road, composed of Four single Dots. Both Upper and Lower Sections are composed of Two Single Dots, making the Figure “Fire of Fire” (or, in Nova Thought, “Flame of Flame). This would relate also to the Zodiac Sign of Ares, which is a Fire Sign, ruled by the Planet Mars. Thus, in the Tarot, Via relates to the Knight of Wands. Ares further connects Via to the Tarot Card “The Emperor”.

In Nova Thought, we have postulated “Sub-Principles”. Aries might thus be viewed as a Manifestation of “Flame of Flame”; being a Fire Sign, ruled by Mars. Mars is, of course, connected with the Fifth Sefirah, Geburah, This would link it with the Number Three (although the Emperor has Roman Numeral IV), the Manipura Chakra, and the Three Flame Runes, Nauthiz, Kaunaz and Tiwaz. As a Cardinal sign, there is also a relationship between Aries and the Road.

In a similar Way to the I Ching Trigram Chien, and to the Hexagram Chien, Via is composed of Single Dots, equivalent to unbroken lines, which would indicate a concentration of Active or Yang Energy.

There is an Idea in Via is of a constant flow of Energy. This Figure signifies a journey, action and forward movement. Traditionally, however, there is also a Sense of loneliness, as well as slowness or delay. Via is usually favorable for questions about travel or progress. This indicated Energy is also Parental. This Means, a direct connection with one’s Source.

As the Right Witness, Via compels us to think that everything was organized and directional in the Past. Depending on the Two other Figures, the Moment may have passed.

As the Left Witness, Via informs us that, in the Future, all will be back on track, more on the Correct Path, and Centered, regardless of what has already transpired.

As the Judge, Via lets us in on a Secret, that all is already following the Divine Plan. In this situation, the best Course is probably to let things happen, and not to try to make many changes.

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