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Geomancy 101.0E: Nova Thought and Geomancy


We have discussed the probable origins of the Geomantic Figures. We also have gone over how to make random Figures, and place them in the Traditional Twelve Houses. We have pointed out how there appears to be a definite connection between the I Ching and the Figures, accessible by using Nova Thought Technology.

The “Twelve Houses Method” may seem a bit too complicated. Therefore, this writer is proposing, by Way of this article, something a little simpler, and, perhaps, more suited for present Times. Let’s break this down, to only Three Figures. Flip a coin, make random dots on a piece of paper, roll dice, or otherwise generate only Three Figures. Retaining the titles from the original Method, let’s call the First Figure “the Right Witness”, the Second “the Left Witness”, and the Third, of course, is the “Judge”.

The Right Witness describes the Past, the root of the current situation. The Left Witness speaks of the Future. The Judge depicts action that should be taken. This is similar, but not exactly the same as. The Divination System outlined by this writer utilizing the Runes. There is nothing wrong with performing both types of Readings; they may compliment each other.

Soon, we shall be discussing the individual Figures and their Meanings. The Sixteen Geomantic Figures have their own beauty that can only be appreciated by working with them. There is a wealth of imagery associated with them.

Please refer to the “TABLE OF GEOMANTIC FIGURES, NOVA THOUGHT AND ZODIAC”. The Geomantic Figures can easily be connected with the Nova Thought Sub-Principles for the Directional Principles (Wind, Flame, Rain and Stone), the Tarot Court Cards, and the Zodiac Signs. There are further correlations, many of which will be discussed soon.

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