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Geomancy 101.0D: Correlations

Nova Thought Technology provides a link between Eastern and Western Mysticism. If we examine the Four Chinese Directional Elements, we would correlate Wood to the Wind principle, Fire to the Flame Principle, Metal to the Earth Principle, and Water to the Rain Principle. There are Symbols for each of these Four Elements, composed of two broken or unbroken lines which we can call “Bigrams”.


Fire, “Greater Yang” (Tai Yang”), is rendered with Two unbroken lines

Wood, “Lesser Yang” (“Shao Yang”), is a broken line over a solid line.

Water, “Greater Yin” (Tai Yin”), is two broken lines.

Metal, “Lesser Yin” (ShaoYin), is a solid line over a broken line.

As we have discussed, it would seem that the Sixteen Geomantic Figures are based, indirectly, on the same Principles as the Sixty-Four Hexagrams of the I Ching. The System was brought to the West by Arabic Traders, on the Silk Route, Thousands of Years ago.

The Bigrams, however, provide a link to the True Meanings of the Four-lined Geomantic Figures. To analyze them in this fashion, we would take each Figure and divide it into an Inner (lower) Bigram, and an Upper (higher) Bigram. A Single Dot in a Figure will equal an unbroken (Yang) line. A Pair of Dots would thus equal a broken (Yin) line. Thus, it can easily be seen how the Four Bigrams (4 x 4=16) combine with one another to make Sixteen Geomantic Figures.

This of course brings us back to Nova Thought. If you have been following this writer’s articles, you may well remember that Chinese Wood relates to the Wind Principle, Fire to the Flame Principle, Water to the Rain Principle, and Metal to the Stone Principle. If we postulate Sub-Principles, we can cross-relate the Geomantic Figures to such other mystical areas as Western Astrology the Hebrew Alphabet and Tarot. The illustration is the "Shield" Presentation of the Twelve Geomantic Houses. The Meaning of the Houses is the same as the one in the last article. More will be explained soon.

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