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Geomancy 101.0C: Twelve Houses

We have already discussed how to generate the Geomantic Figures used in Divination. We generate Fifteen Figures, the Four Mothers, Four Daughters, Four Nephews, Two Witnesses, and Judge. Very complex interpretations can be constructed using correspondences between the Geomantic Symbols, the Signs of the Zodiac, seven planets and four elements. Traditionally, the First Twelve Figures are placed in a Square Diagram, corresponding to “Twelve Houses”. These Twelve Houses are similar, but not exactly the same, as the Twelve Astrological Houses. The Twelve Houses are marked out in a circular fashion, around the inside of the Square, leaving a space in the middle. The Houses are approximately as follows:


House #1, ruled by Aries and the Rat: Life. The First Mother is placed here. The topic is the querent and generally relates to life, health, Soul, education, one’s native land, and beginnings.

House #2, ruled by Taurus and the Ox: Abundance. The Second Mother is placed here. The topic is money and finances in general, including all things that nurture life.

House #3, ruled by Gemini and the Tiger: Siblings. The Third Mother is placed here. The topic is brothers, sisters, neighbors, cousins, co-workers, but also, news and short journeys.

House #4, ruled by Cancer and the Rabbit: Parents. The Fourth Mother is placed here. The topic is inheritance, real estate, fathers and mothers, possessions, heritages, houses, treasures hid, and that which is things secret.

House #5, ruled by Leo and the Dragon: Children. The First Daughter is placed here. The topic is speculation, pleasure. children, inclinations, messages, diplomacy, and heritage.

House #6, ruled by Virgo and the Serpent: Health The Second Daughter is placed here. The topic is health and illness, but also, aunts and uncles, pets, bondage and employees.

House #7, ruled by Libra and the Horse: Spouse. The Third Daughter is placed here. The topic is love, marriage, husbands, wives, relationships, partnerships, legal issues, maturation, sexual matters, but also , wars, and things lost.

House #8, ruled by Scorpio and the Ram: The topic is legacies, wills, anxiety, pain, endings, heaviness, sadness, and torment

House #9 ruled by Sagittarius and the Monkey: Journey. The First Nephew is placed here. The topic is long distance travel, art, religion, science, divination, changes, faith, religion, ceremonies, dreams, wonders, learning, art, and wisdom.

House #10, ruled by Capricorn and the Rooster: Ruler. The Second Nephew is placed here. The topic is leadership, employment, position, profession, authority, power, glory, honor, dignity, government, society, and also the weather.

House #11, ruled by Aquarius and the Dog: Friends. The Third Nephew is placed here. The topic is fortune, friends, hopes, wishes, expectations, amity, company, adventure, favor, aid, help, and objects of desire.

House #12, ruled by Pisces and the Pig: Enemies. The Fourth Nephew is placed here. The topic is fear, sorrow, enemies, hospitals, prisons, unseen dangers, jealousy secret enemies, captivity, vengeance, treason, deceit, suffering, difficulty, and what is feared.

The Two Witnesses and the Judge are placed in the Center of the Diagram.

The First Twelve Figures are interpreted in reference to the Houses, the Right Witness tells more about the Past, the Left Witness speaks of the Future, and the judge determines the ultimate outcome. All this takes quite a bit of practice. This series of articles are intended to enhance familiarity with this Ancient Wisdom Teaching, and to encourage further Study. More information will be revealed soon.

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