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Geocaching: Treasure hunting in your backyard


They call themselves cachers, and they spend time treasure hunting. However, the traditional treasure map is replaced with more modern aids, like satellites and a handheld GPS and it’s not really about the treasure itself, it’s more about the hunt.

The treasures are not valuable. We are talking about small things, like toy cars, coins, and miniatures whatnots. Also, the objects are not meant to be buried deep down, or locked up in a big oak chest. They are kept in durable containers that should be hidden but not covered completely, which means you need not bring a shovel on your expeditions. Basic rule is, that when you find a cache, don't remove an object in it, unless you replace it with something.

It might seem silly, but even so, grown up men and women are running around on planet Earth, in cities, on the countryside, looking to swap trinkets with one another. We're talking about Geocaching. An international game where anyone with access to a computer, the Internet, a handheld GPS and, of course, a bit of that childhood sense of adventure can play. The GPS positions are found on the Internet, along with a few clues to the treasures. It is a simple game with only a few rules.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there! Any one in the family can join. Not only is this a game that can be played close to home. If you get bored when visiting family at Easter or during summertime, go Geocaching. Involve everyone, young and old, and have fun. There are thousands of hidden treasures nearby, just waiting to be found, with worthless things that want to be exchanged.

This game is also a great way to get to know a new destination. Some of the caches are at places you may never have thought to visit your self. Geocaching will bring a new dimension to your stay.

How to get started:
Check, create an account and type in the zip code for the area you want to be hunting in. This is a game for anyone, but a little word of advice. There are different levels of difficulty, if you are not ready to trample through shrubs, choose level 1-2. Make sure your GPS is charged and pack a water bottle, this is Florida after all, and off you go!


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