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Geocaching staycation: Road to Mt. Evans

USGS marker at the summit
USGS marker at the summit

Are you looking for a close geocaching day trip right in your own back yard? One suggestions is to pack the family in the car and drive on the highest paved road in the United States, the Road to Mount Evans.

This road is only open from Memorial Day through Labor Day, so you only have a narrow window to take advantage of spectacular views. The is an admission fee of $10 per car up to 12 people. Once you reach the parking area, it is a short walk to the summit and your first cache, Top of the World. At the USGS marker, the logging requirement for this virtual cache is to write to the owner and tell him what you see at the top.

The next cache, near the parking lot is Mount Evans - star watching  This traditional, regular sized cache is perfect for trade items, and easy to walk to from the parking lot.

The final cache near the summit is Rocky Mountain High #1 Located a short walk from the parking lot at Summit Lake, this cache provides not only a view of Summit Lake, but the Chicago Lakes below.

Some safety advice before you go:

  • Watch for severe weather. Lightning is a key danger.  Being at the summit, you are the highest point and will attract lightning. it is best to try to go early in the day before storms begin to brew.
  • Bring plenty of water and drink it! dehydration is a greater problem at the 14,300 ft summit.
  • Altitude sickness, limit your activity if you begin to show symptoms get to a lower altitude immediately.

Enjoy this trip on the long 4th of July weekend.

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More information on geocaching is found on the Centennial State Geocaching Podcast.


  • Cory (-TwoCs-) 5 years ago

    We did this trip early in July and enjoyed it very much. We recommend it for anyone who is interested in great views and great caching!

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