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Cache attributes provide additional information about your cache
Cache attributes provide additional information about your cache

Yesterday, as part of the monthly updates to the website, new cache attributes were added. 

Cache attributes communicate to the cache finder what to expect at the cache site.  Cachers with a premium Groundspeak membership can run pocket queries based on these attributes. As a cache hider, you are allowed to select up to 12 attributes for a cache.

New attributes are in the categories;

Conditions - night cache, park and grab cache, cache in an abandoned structure, short hike (less then one km), medium hike (less then 10 km), and long hike (over 10 km).

Hazards - the snakes attributes is renamed 'Dangerous Animals'.

Equipment - UV light required, snowshoes, cross country skis, and special tools required. 

The additions should make it easier for cachers to determine the types of caches they wish to find.

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