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Geocaching Campout

Campfire for Geocachers
Campfire for Geocachers
Keith Horowitz

This past weekend, the board of Geocaching Colorado with the help of a few extra volunteers, held a camp-out up in the mountains on a lake.

The camp was on National Forest grounds at the edge of a lake. It was Lake Granby, just south of the town of Great Lake. It turned out that there was another Geocacher who lived in the area, and let the town know. We were welcomed to town on the marquee on the main road.

The camp out was attended by a number of families from both the north and south of the front range of the state, as well as a family from Grand Junction.

The drive up from the front range was either up Interstate 40 from 70, or through Estes park. Either way had participants going through passes at least 11,000 feet high. Interstate 70 was a bit of a bear, adding a large amount of extra travel time due to construction at on of the tunnels. However, that did not deter any participants from making it to the camp-out.

There were activities and food and lots of fun! The GCCO board arranged to provide meat for a put-luck cook-out Saturday night and a fresh-cooked pancake breakfast Sunday morning.

A large group of geocachers went off to find a virtual cache off Grand Lake, with a third of a mile hike to a waterfall. It was a lovely sight!

One of the organizers had hidden a number of containers around the lake-front, which kept a number of Goecachers busy trying to find the hides without coordinates. This gained some bonus towards the prizes.

There were a lot of great prizes, including a never before given in a drawing Black GCCO coin and a strongly coveted Go-Pro camera.

There was some concern with shade during the camp out, as a large number of trees had been cleared in the last year or so due to beetle infestation and mitigation. There was not a log amount of trees, especially at the camping space. However, there were trees, including some new growth in the area, especially down towards the lake. In addition, all the cutting left from the mitigation was very useful as firewood.

It was a nice getaway, and in spite of a little wind, and a little rain at times, the weather cooperated. It was much cooler than the front range, and it was a good thing that the campers were prepared for the chilly weather at night up in the mountains.

A great time was had by all. I can't wait for next year's camp out!

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