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Geocaching and the Boy Scouts of America centennial celebration

The Get in the Game Package as opened
The Get in the Game Package as opened

January 1, 2010 is the kick-off day for the centennial celebration of the Boy Scouts of America.  Many activities are planned for this special celebration.  Geocaching, of course, will be a featured activity.

Get in the Game Patch
Boy Scouts of America

This Examiner had the opportunity to preview the special 'Get in the Game' kit.  All Councils' across the country have the opportunity  to order this kit and participate in promoting geocaching and the scouting program.

The kit contains the following:
Thirty geocoins.- these special, unactivated coins are awarded as prizes for persons who return a 'Treasures of scouting' reply card.  These cards will appear in caches that have 'Treasures of scouting' in the cache name. You will complete the card and mail it to the address provided.  Regular drawings for these coins are conducted by the local councils.

PIllars of Scouting Travel bugs - the five pillars service, leadership, achievement, outdoors, and character are represented on individual travel bugs,  Local councils will attach a items that is unique to the council and the bugs will be set free to travel from cache to cache.

Cache to Eagle patches - each council will establish geocaches near a noted Scout Eagle Project. Each cache will contain a code word. When you find all the caches in the series within a council, submit the code words to your local council office to receive a patch.

Special 2010 race to jamboree travel bug.   - each council will add a pinewood derby car to this traveler with the goal of making it first to the 2010 National Jamboree in Ft. AP Hill in Virginia.

Local councils are looking for geocachers to help in these activities. Contact them as soon as possible to 'Get in the Game'

More information is found here