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Gentle cures for bad breath in children

Spearmint is wonderful for bad breath.
Spearmint is wonderful for bad breath.
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Children are not immune to medicine breath or other issues. Bad breath in children is caused primarily by the same things as adult bad breath. Children may not be able to use the same cures. This is because many bad breath cures are too strong for children. Luckily, there are some that are safe for children and adults alike.

Proper dental care cures bad breath in most cases.

Children need guidance in brushing and flossing their teeth and cleaning their mouths. Children are not always diligent with dental care. If unsure of proper dental care cures for children with bad breath, consult a dentist. Most dentists are willing to instruct children in caring for teeth and preventing bad breath and other dental issues.

There are times when the digestive system is the culprit.

Digestive system cures for bad breath in children will concentrate on eliminating bad bacteria. This can be accomplished by eating a diet rich in fiber which speeds digestion and avoiding foods such as dairy that encourage bacterial growth.

Calcium rich foods like green leafy vegetables to encourage healthy teeth.

Calcium helps to build strong teeth that will resist infection, bad breath and disease in children and adults alike. Healthy teeth and gums discourage the formation of cavities and other mouth diseases that cause bad breath.

Children may experience bad breath when taking medications for other illnesses.

Medications and cures for other issues cause dry mouth, which leads to bad breath. Be sure children keep hydrated so the mouth remains moist. The mouth needs moisture to produce good germ killing bacteria that cures bad breath woes.

Sinus problems in both children and adults can cause bad breath.

Cures for these issues involve keeping sinus passages clear. A few drops of water can loosen sinuses so debris can be removed. Cures of sinus bad breath in children can be a challenge as the child may not know how to properly clean their nose. In very small children, a special bulb syringe is sometimes the easiest and best way to clear sinuses.

Children with bad breath issues are not able to use mouthwash due to it's toxicity.

If the child is old enough, cinnamon gum cures some symptoms of bad breath in a pleasant way. A leaf of fresh mint also cures bad breath effectively in children, without the use of chemical mouthwash. Even crunchy vegetables like carrots can be helpful cures for bad breath in children.

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