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Genre : Trap

There's been a lot of attention to the 'Trap' genre in the EDM scene over the last year. As we cross into the new year we see more and more creative variations of the genre. As well as Dubstep, there are die hard fans and die hard 'haters'. The genre has its acquired taste if you will. Personally, there's a time for it and a time not for it.

Trap originated in the early 2000's with a scene of "Trap Rappers". A lot of recorded artists that you may know are: UGK; Three 6 Mafia; T.I.; Gucci Mane; and Young Jeezy. After the success of this Southern Rap style other artists started taking notice around the 2010s. Artists like Kane West and Wako Flaka have released Trap style tracks.

Around 2012 EDM producers started experimenting with some of the styles of Dubstep, thus combining it with the genre creating a whole new look at Trap. "Harlem Shake" by Baauer was one of the first that went to the more popular areas of the industry. That track received a lot of attention including a huge pop culture fad on YouTube. Other artists existed as well such as, Diplo, Flosstradamaus, and RL Grime. There is also a huge Trap scene on with unknown producers testing the genre waters like 22MB, K-Drop, and many more.

When explaining the science of Trap it can be difficult. If you were to take Dubstep, Hip-Hop, and Movie Fanfares and combine them with movie quotes or huge vocal drops you might just get a taste of what it's all about. Some things just have to be heard for themselves. The best advice to anyone reluctant but curious to explore this genre should start with popular songs "remixed" in trap form. Go to SoundCloud or YouTube or your entertainment source for user submitted work and type in your favorite song title and type "Trap Remix" after. Be cautious though, when venturing into the user submitted world of remixes you will find many songs that don't stick with the quality as the pros.

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