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Geno Smith, Darren Sharper's weekends in Los Angeles

Darren Sharper in New Orleans February 2013
Getty Images

It's early Saturday morning here in Los Angeles, but the weekend already has headlines filled with NFL players or former players who got in trouble with the law.

Yesterday, Jets QB Geno Smith had a hissy fit or more than one, with Virgin America employees while at LAX.

Reports from eyewitnesses indicated there were problems in the boarding area for a flight to Las Vegas, all over having to wait for an announcement about who would be accommodated on a standby basis.

A witness to the snafu was a fellow standby passenger and heard Smith get aggravated about any delay in learning his fate.

Ultimately there was a second incident, this time on board a flight reportedly headed for Florida, where Smith has a home.

Prior to takeoff, Smith objected to his headphones being removed by a flight attendant after he failed to do so when instructed to do so..

The N.Y. Post reports that Geno might have a real beef with this one, since he claimed that he did not hear the flight attendant say anything to him, because, you know, his headphones were on. Smith was startled and asked the attendant why he got physical with him.

That brought the police into the picture and Smith deplaned for a discussion that ended without any police report being written. He was seen leaving the airport without boarding another flight.

The Jets are investigating, according to

“We are aware of the report and are researching the facts. We will have no comment at this time.”

Then there's the case of NFL Network personality Darren Sharper. On Friday the former NFL star who played 14 years for New Orleans, Green Bay and Minnesota was arrested on suspicion of rape.

Two separate incidents were part of the arrest warrant, both allegedly occurring in Los Angeles --- one in October 2013 and the other earlier this month.

Sharper was released on bond with a court appearance set for mid-February.

The NFL Network issues a statement about Sharper:

"Darren has been suspended without pay until further notice, effective immediately,” NFL Network said in a statement issued to PFT. “Regarding the charges, as a matter of policy, we don’t comment on pending legal action.”

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