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Genevieve of Brabant and four other ghostly tales

If you like ghostly legends, then you're reading the right article. These legends aren't just legends that you've heard as children, they are pieces of folklore that some even believe are true, and have reported even seeing these apparitions. Read for yourself and see where your own opinion takes you.

1. "Genevieve of Brabant"

She's a medieval heroine that has may varieties about her own legend. Well one story about her basically goes like this, she's a spirit that roams by the Rhine. She appears to be hearing nothing except her long golden hair. Her spirit goes around and warns young women to not marry jealous men.

2. "The Ghost Mother"

A Scottish man in 1878 told a correspondent that he seen his mother's ghost. He then found out that she died the same day, he saw her ghost. He was stationed in India at the moment, while she was in Scotland. How eerie is that?

3. "Ghost Dog"

Many places have their own ghost dog legend. In Cambridgeshire, there is an apparition called "Shuck." It's a ghost of a wild dog. Some beliefs about seeing a ghostly dog means that death will soon be upon them.

4. "Headless Ghost"

The headless ghost is a popular ghost topic, this variation takes place in Newfoundland. The victim was a Frenchman and they say that seeing his ghost is a bad omen. The topic reminds one of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow."

So those were four ghostly tales that some say are just superstitions, while others feel that just maybe there is a headless ghost or really was a young woman named Genevieve of Brabant.


Encyclopaedia of Superstitions, Folklore, and the Occult Sciences of the World

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