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Geneva 2010: Audi brings power, luxury, style, and hello...hybrids

Audi RS5
Audi RS5


  • Shawn 6 years ago

    Great write up. I have always been a bit sad about the lack of some of Audi's most interesting cars in the US market. I don't see it changing so I am not going to save up for this 450 hp RS5 quite yet.
    Audi is not the only manufacture who thinks the American taste in cars is vastly different from Europeans thus not sending some of the best and most interesting rides across the pond. Will this change any time soon? Time will tell!

  • Kevin 6 years ago

    I too am saddened by Audi withholding the best and most interesting cars from the US.

    The RS5 would sell out. The A8 hybrid is fascinating and I love the idea, but I think it would be a tough sell to a country that still loves to have the V8 badge on their lawnmowers.

    The A1 is just not a great car to have in much of the US in my opinion. I'm sure it will sell just fine but it's a pinball with all the large cars on the roads here. For urban use where space is premium, I can see it's value. But for many of us that live in wide open suburbia with kids and pile on the bulk crap from Sams and Costco every week...I don't see it. Now if we can get our large size, large power, and great efficiency (like the A8 hybrid), to me that is the magic bullet.

    In true US glutonous fashion, I want an A4 crammed with the 3.0TDI. But make it an Avant for those trips to buy 700 rolls of toilet paper and 200 Toni's pizzas.

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