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Genetics and effects on obesity

We have all heard theories that propensity to gain and retain weight is due to genetic factors. Many have dismissed these ideas as excuses or casual observations that are due to coincidence. Although there is a genuine school of thought that claims the large increase in obesity reflects non-genetic factors as the change in genetic make up is too slow to explain said increase there are studies that support circumstances in which genetics may be involved.

Imbalance in the cyp19 and comt gene, missing one or having two can cause women in a post menopausal state to not be able to burn calories as effectively. A study was done including adults and children from various ancestors that concluded the presence of a gene variant near the INSIGZ gene that is present in ten percent of all participants.

Most importantly are genetic disorders such as the Bardet-Biedl syndrome which is rare and causes other severe side effects such as retardation, missing extremities and vision problems. The Prader Willi syndrome is the most common and life threatening cause of obesity in children and is due to an abnormal fifteenth chromosome.

The United States Preventive Services Task Force had a federal panel  of health experts urge obesity screening in children six and up as of January 18th 2010 and it should be suggested that genetic testing be performed at that time. For those who are frustrated and think others believe there is no possible way that genetics are involved it is possible, the key is pin pointing the exact imbalance or disorder specific to the individual so as to tailor the diet and weight loss needs to maximize ease and comfort in attaining goals. When looking at the personal life of the diet and exercise program one should be realistic but if all efforts have been exhausted there is another avenue to explore. It is still strongly advised however that even if such a disorder is found even though it may be more difficult, do not give up.

There is something out there that with dedication and adherence will work for anyone.


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