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Genetically modified ingredients to be removed from Cheerios

Genetically modified organisms are taking a beating among the court of public opinion and Cheerios wants no part of that. On January 2, the Los Angeles Times reports that Cheerios manufacturer General Mills will be removing all genetically modified ingredients from the cereal.

The news of GMO removal from Cheerios cereal came originally in the form of a blog post on the General Mills blog. Although they claim to have never used GMO modified oats in the popular breakfast cereal, they were using genetically modified corn for the small amount of corn starch in the recipe. They will also be using only non-GMO sugar for the small amount of sugar in the cereal as well. This will end and non-GMO ingredients will now be used in the manufacture of their product.

The details are important though so pay close attention to the wording of the blog post. This only pertains to original flavored Cheerios and not the many variations. It is unclear what their future plans for GMO reduction or elimination in other Cheerios or even General Mills products may be.

Another important thing to note is that General Mills is not changing their stance on GMO products. They are simply changing the original Cheerios because they think consumers want it. They do not consider genetically modified foods to be dangerous or unhealthy and a great bulk of their foods do contain them.

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