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Genetic study proves Native Americans descended from Clovis people

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A comprehensive genetic analysis of the only known Clovis people skeleton found in the United States has determined that at least 80 percent of all Native Americans descended from Clovis people and proves beyond any doubt that the first people to venture into the Americas were of Chinese and Russian descent according to research published in the Feb. 12, 2014, issue of the journal Nature that was the combined work of Danish researchers, scientists from the United States, and the Apsaalooke (Crow) tribe of Montana.

The skeleton of a child about one year of age was found in the burial site, called the Anzick Site, in Wilsall, Montana 46 years ago. The remains date to the time of the Clovis people about 12, 600 years ago.

Comparison of the Clovis child’s DNA to the DNA of Native Americans across all the Americas determined that 80 percent of Native Americans are descendants of the Clovis people. The Clovis boy shares about 33 percent of his genes with the 24,000 year old child discovered in Mal'ta at the Siberian Lake Baikal. The remainders of the genes are of Asian extraction.

The discovery indicates that an interbreeding of ancient peoples from Asia and Russia occurred prior to any migration across the Beringia Land Bridge to the Americas.

Native American oral tradition also verifies the age and genetic results.

Once and for all the argument about who came to the Americas first is settled. Clovis was first.