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Genesis Diamonds – Success Comes in Diamonds

An Engagement Ring from the Genesis Diamonds Bridal Boutique
An Engagement Ring from the Genesis Diamonds Bridal Boutique
Courtesy of Photos from Genesis Diamonds

Rare and precious gemstones can be found in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Still, among the varieties of rare and beautiful gems, the diamond has always reigned supreme as a keepsake and a keeper.

More than any other gemstone, the diamond is associated with romance and adventure in song, cinema, and literature. To couples who are engaged or married, or who simply wish to celebrate their relationship, the diamond symbolizes eternal love and commitment. And for many of us the diamond represents hopes, dreams, memories, and commitment to those we love.

But for years, customers in quest of the perfect diamond gift often wondered if they were getting the best buy and the real thing in cut, clarity, color, and carat (the 4Cs). Then Boaz Ramon, a professional jeweler and certified gemologist, decided to address consumer concerns and make shopping for diamonds the romantic, stress-free experience it should be.

Aware of the diamond’s deeply intrinsic personal value and with an innate understanding of what consumers want, Mr. Ramon introduced a concept to make genuine diamonds, diamond jewelry, and other precious stone merchandise both accessible and more affordable to a broad consumer demographic. A former diamond wholesaler, he developed a business plan to sell his directly imported diamonds and jewelry pieces at prices reasonable to the consumer. “Direct importing gives consumers a wider access to products,” Mr. Ramon explained. “This benefits the consumer in terms of price, quality, and overall choice.” (Excluded from his imports are blood or “conflict diamonds”, which some countries use to fund rebel movements).

Mr. Ramon’s planning, marketing instincts, and strong management ability proved to be successful. To consumers, relatively low prices for diamonds and jewelry made from various precious and colored gemstones are a dream that has come true. Genesis Diamonds, which Mr. Ramon founded as a privately held company, is now the designated official jeweler to two sports teams: the Tennessee Titans and the University of Kentucky (UK) Wildcats. The company has store locations in Nashville and Brentwood, TN and Louisville, KY. Another store is scheduled to open in Cincinnati, OH.

Genesis Diamonds carries a wide selection of loose diamonds, designer jewelry, and fine Swiss timepieces. Its boutique bridal rings are very much the heart of the store’s business. “Purchasing a diamond and a setting, especially an engagement or wedding ring, is a lifestyle choice,” Mr. Ramon once said. To add more fun and convenience, Mr. Ramon added a website with a Shopping Bag feature for consumers who prefer to buy online.

Mr. Ramon’s family had been in the diamond business for two generations. “I am the second generation deeply involved in diamonds,” he commented. Growing up in Israel’s diamond district, Mr. Ramon learned the language and culture of diamond experts and cutters. He studied at the Israel Diamond Exchange and Israel Diamond Institute and later at the Gemological Institute of America.

In 1989, Mr. Ramon and his wife came to the U.S., making their home in New York City where Mr. Ramon worked as a wholesaler for 750 jewelry stores in that city’s diamond district. “My wife and I are the only ones in our family to relocate from Israel,” he said.

In 1991, Mr. Ramon moved his wholesale business from New York City to Charlotte, NC. “While I was in New York, many of my customers were from the South and Southeast,” he said. “It was a refreshing change: an opportunity to supply imported wholesale diamonds to jewelers in a dynamic city.”

Being a major wholesaler and diamond importer, Mr. Ramon quickly became known as a respected authority on certified diamonds. In 1996, he closed his wholesale business in Charlotte and opened his first retail jewelry store. “It was in Charlotte where I launched the concept I had originated in New York City, but never implemented,” said Mr. Ramon.

In 2003, Mr. Ramon sold his retail store in Charlotte because he discovered newer business opportunities in Nashville. “People here had been buying diamonds and precious jewelry from metropolises such as Chicago and New York. In Nashville, I spotted a chance to introduce the retail concept begun in Charlotte.” Mr. Ramon chose Genesis Diamonds as the name for his new store because, he said, “The name appealed to me. ‘Genesis’ means ‘new beginning’.” And almost from the beginning Genesis Diamonds, with its plush line of gems and watches, quickly became a hit in Nashville and then in Louisville, KY.

Chosen as Best Jewelry Store and Best Place to Buy Engagement Rings for five consecutive years, Genesis Diamonds has solidified its reputation through a select global network of renowned engagement ring designers such as Tacori and Verragio. Also, the company is one of the select few authorized online sellers of designer brands such as Jack Kelege, Katharine James, and Bez Ambar. The diamond ring collection has expanded to rings for weddings, anniversaries, and other memorable occasions, among them a top selection of GIA and EGL diamonds.

Admired for their meticulous hand crafting, designer rings in the Genesis Diamonds collection are precision mounted in platinum, 14-carat, and 18-carat gold settings. The gold, often combined with other alloys, radiates surprising hues of white, yellow, and rose.

Genesis Diamonds time pieces are also for remembrance – of time, that is. Time pieces from these top watchmakers have striking features that make time worth passing: Bell & Ross, Michele, Baume & Mercier, Ebel, TW Steel, Omega, Victorinox, Breitling, and Tag Heuer.

Customers often say they are impressed with the attentive service from the staff whenever they step into a store or contact the company. Gemology experts and sales associates take the time to educate customers on the 4Cs (cut, carat, clarity, and color). In addition, customers learn about pricing and grading. “This information was a long-held industry secret,” said Mr. Ramon. “But our company makes it available to the public.”

Genesis Diamonds also receives accolades for the uniqueness of its services. The company offers a 110-percent lifetime diamond upgrade where, for example, a $5,000 purchase can be traded for a $5,200 diamond purchase and the customer only pays the $200 difference. The company will maintain and repair jewelry purchased through its stores or website for a lifetime. Rings have a lifetime warranty. Customers receive a full refund for returned merchandise. Website purchases have risk-free shopping features such as free insured shipping, wholesale diamond prices, money back and purchase guarantees, a lifetime diamond upgrade, and lifetime ring warranty. Plus, sales tax applies only in states where Genesis Diamonds has physical retail stores.

Boaz Ramon wants Genesis Diamonds to continue its progress as a forward thinking company. As a lifetime commitment to the communities it serves, Genesis Diamonds takes an active role in charitable giving and community support.

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