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Genesis 1:1 - The true history

The Bible
The Bible
Brent Nelson

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

This simple matter-of-fact statement starts the Book of Genesis. The first verse of the first book in the collection of books called, the Holy Scripture, the Bible. So much truth, so much impact is contained in this straightforward statement.

Hebrew scholars of the highest degree tell us that the writer of the Book of Genesis wrote the Book of Genesis, including the first eleven chapters, as though he believed this is the actual, literal account of the history of the universe. This being the belief of the person who initially recorded the first book of the Bible, why should we read, believe or view it differently?

If we cannot speak, write, read and hear, all bringing clear understanding, then language itself is useless, having either no meaning or having any meaning anyone decides to give it, regardless of the intent of the originator of the communication.

God purposely chose to have His Words recorded by man so it would be passed on and learned, giving all mankind a standard to measure all future claims by. God’s purposeful requirement of the recording of His Word gives us the most accurate recording of the history of this universe known to man.

God also regularly uses physical examples to teach spiritual truth. When we study the Bible, regardless of the portion of history it records, there is accurate, truthful history to be learned. In addition, there is immense spiritual truth to be understood. The spiritual truth does not negate the existence, purpose or meaning of the physical truth, but actually supplements, supports and strengthens the physical truth.

Think about it, “In the beginning God...” If we began all things with God, how much better would we really be living our lives? How exceedingly better would our world be? How much less sin would we commit? How much more would we love?


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