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Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God...

Photo by Brent Nelson


In the beginning God...


In the initial words of the Bible, God purposely does not spare any time letting us know, He is. God is. This points to the Eternal, Self-Existent, Almighty God.

God is. Such a simple statement, yet it is THE foundational belief of Christianity. God is.

Moses asked God what he should tell the Israelites is the name of the One who sent Him.

God simply replied, “I AM THAT I AM.”

Then God told Moses to simply tell the sons of Israel, “‘I AM’ has sent me to you.”

This is the only thing that needed to be said, “I AM.” A simple identification of the Eternal, Self-Existent, Almighty God.

Jesus was crucified for making the statement. Many did not believe Him. Many thought He was committing blasphemy. Even some Christians today insist we should not take Jesus completely at His Word.

Should we believe those who choose to not believe in God? Should we believe those who choose to believe there is no Almighty God? Whose word will we believe is true? Will we choose to believe the Christians who say, “Jesus did not get it quite right” or will we believe the Word of God made flesh, the Lord Jesus Christ and take Him at His Word? Whose word will we choose to believe?

Jesus said, “Before Abraham was, I AM.”

Jesus said, “I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

Almighty God told Moses, “I AM THAT I AM.”

There was no one higher to give testimony to God because before all creation, before all created beings, in the beginning, I AM.

God is.

We have a choice. Do we choose to believe God is? Or, do we choose to believe God is not?

If we choose to believe God is, then we have our foundational belief as a Christian. God is. If we believe God is, then we are presented with our next choice. Do we believe God’s Word is true?

It comes down to the same question, the same doubt, the same choice that our adversary, through the most subtle, the most cunning creature in the Garden of Eden, presented to Eve, and her husband who was with her, Adam. The question we face after we choose to believe God is, is, “Is it true God has said...?”

Well, Christian, the one who is like the Christ, is it true God has said? Is what God said true? Will you believe God is, and take God at His Word or will you choose to believe what others (Christians and non-Christians) say ABOUT His Word?

Jesus quoted Scripture from the beginning. As a consistent Christian, one who is consistently like the Christ, will you choose to believe God is, God’s Word is true, and the record of His Word is accurate? Jesus defeated Satan by quoting the Scripture as “it is written”. Will you take God at His Word and do the same? Will you withstand the mockery and insults of the people of the world around you? Will you stand firm like your Lord and Saviour and say with resolve, “It is written”?

What will be the standard by which you measure all else? What is your standard for (absolute) truth? As Jesus did, will you rely upon Holy Scripture as “it is written” or will you succumb to the cunning, subtlety and pressures of our adversary? Will you stand on “it is written” and in the reverential awe of the holiness of God seek the wisdom, knowledge and understanding you need or will you agree with those (Christian and non-Christians) who choose to not believe “it is written” and come up with their own ever-changing “truths”.

Well, dear Christian, the choice is before you. Choose well.


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Live well, glorify God and be blessed.



  • BathTub 5 years ago

    And Jesus said that the mustard seed is the smallest seed? Do you believe that the mustard see is the smallest?

    If not, why not?

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