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Generosity or Gratitude?


As we stumble through life we often find ourselves in situations where we can actually help others. Either we choose to or we don't. When we choose to do good deeds, I often wonder if the deed is being done for a sense of gratitude or simple generosity to others. Are you doing something good because it sincerely comes from the heart? Or...are you doing something because you want attention and gratitude from others?

Sure, everyone wants to feel appreciated. We want others to say, "Hey, thanks! I appreciate you". But, that doesn't always happen. Doing good and the joy it brings should be enough for us. Doesn't it feel great to be helpful to others? Don't you feel good knowing the world is a better place because of you?

The truth is....a kind gesture for a stranger usually goes unnoticed to the rest of the world. Except during those rare instances when a hidden camera is rolling. So what? You made that person's life a little more bearable. You made a difference.

During our most trying times, strangers are often the most generous. The people that we assume should be there for us, family and close friends, are unavailable. Sometimes, it's the people we least expect that show us the most love and compassion. It's that friend you haven't seen since high school or the facebook friend that you've never actually met. Isn't it funny how things work out? These are the people that restore our faith in humanity.

The bottom line is this: Give from your heart. With or without notoriety, God sees all. He knows your heart. He knows your intentions. He puts people in your life that are there to help you with every need. Cling to those people and him and you will find great happiness.

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”― Maya Angelou